Monday, August 03, 2009

Dimensions of desire. Cat People.

by Ryland Walker Knight

leading away
—Going nowhere

For fear of clogging the load time of this main page, I've hosted this image essay over at VINYL IS IMAGES. Please do click through.


  1. Desire/dimension: with those interrelated tropes you've really managed to flesh out an intense "version" of the film here.

    What strikes me most is the move from VI to VII where you not only have rhyming compositions with the "three" women at the right edge, but the image in VII picks up the undulating shadows again from V, which are so wonderfully in tension with the sharp verticals and horizontals.

    I also like how in II there's a strange sort of push-pull effect (to my eyes anyway) between the two shots you group together, even though the objects to her left that trigger the effect (in combination with the difference in "scale and scope") are not the same.

  2. Thanks, RW, for the thoughtful read! I feel like you were really looking!