Monday, January 11, 2010

Images of ours

by Ryland Walker Knight

Be sure to check out what Danny and I dreamt up to buck the inevitable fad of decade lists: a series of images, one per film and one per writer, meant to mark what mattered to the The Notebook's contributors during these last ten years. Not exactly a highlight reel, I suppose, nor even a selection of out-right favorites (as far as I could tell) across the board, but, yes, definitely a celebration of the indelible. As I wrote in the introduction, today we showcase the images and tomorrow we will offer their corresponding captions. So, please, click here to see how we get from this—

—to this—

—in just shy of 30 steps. And be sure to tune in tomorrow! (As if you need me to tell you...)

011310 UPDATE:
Our words went live. It's kind of like one of my conjunctions of quotations in that I tried to tell a story with a whole bunch of different sources and styles. I think it works.

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