Saturday, September 27, 2008

Every day I'm hustlin...

cooler than a polar bear's toenails

[Thanks for the laughs, and the popcorn. You were too cool. Look to DH, as ever, for a round-up.]

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  1. Over at Glenn's joint I left this --

    I dig the Arnold Palmer mix, too. And the popcorn. The Newman O's... not so much. But that's just cuz I'm mostly into chocolate chip and/or peanut butter cookies if I'm going that route.

    Oh, and, yea: Gorgeous, cool, smart, yes yes yes. Surprisingly not sad. Just, kinda, vibing on the fact that he did a lot and, it's quite clear, lead a full life. I should go play basketball while the sun is shining.

    --I made 20 of 25 free throws, then lost a game of 21 to a gorgeous, hilarious, sweet-natured high school senior who could dunk. I still scored 16, tho, so it's not all lost; we cool. I need a drink of water. And some new shoes, maybe.