Friday, September 26, 2008

A gallery of refusal: Xiao Wu

by Ryland Walker Knight


An accomplished if ragged debut, Jia’s first feature, Xiao Wu (or Pickpocket), itches around restless, looking for things—an escape, maybe—with its eyes cocked at and always reigned in by the repeated traps of the social.

Today marks my first contribution to The Auteurs Notebook, which you can continue reading by clicking right here. It's a little ditty about Jia Zhangke's debut feature, Xiao Wu, which I saw at the PFA last week. I'll be seeing his 2007 documentary, Useless, tonight at 6:30pm.


  1. I like this word count for you. YOure more romantic at this length, or maybe youre more romantic, um, now. Anyhow, the world takes. really nice.

  2. thanks, cb. there's probly something to this "now"... but that wanes, too, as ever, as time rifts spaces further from one another and other interests come to the fore. ya digggg?