Saturday, September 27, 2008

Found Facts. August 2008.

by Ryland Walker Knight

I really had to work to make this fit. The final edit I was set on at first was 11:30, which is too long for YouTube, apparently, so I went in and played with stuff. I think it still works, just different. And, twice as long as the previous installment means twice as many jokes. That means the quality suffers again, unfortunately, and this one really does look better on my HD as it has more "natural" spaces and light. Still a series of naive love letters, this one is elevated from pure nostalgia, I hope/trust, by all the goofy stuff thrown in -- like all those rocks.

SITES SEEN =CZ, Berkeley =The Trappist, Oakland =Cuy's car, Berkeley =Cam+Mego's pad, San Francisco =Berkeley streets =Yuba River, 20 minutes west of Nevada City =Rach's dad's backyard, Sonoma =all thrown together


  1. A student co-op. Sometimes we joke that it's a frat system for hipsters and hippies. CZ kinda like ground zero, a real toilet. But I've had fun there, too, despite the filth and youthful idiocy; I've made some real friends through that place.