Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sunrise: Monkeys do piggish things, too.

by Ryland Walker Knight

—Lumber weighs a ton

So there's this brand, spankin' new Masters of Cinema release of Murnau's Sunrise. It's one of those pictures we all know is great by reputation and then get doubly learned on by actually watching (again, for me, after a long gap). Those fine folks across the pond sent me some check discs. These images are from disc 1, the Movietone version. Now, I'm not the DVD expert our friend Glenn is (see his column here), but, this new edition sure looked crisp and beautiful. At any rate, I put together an image-essay for Danny over at The Notebook. You can click right here to soak it up. I sure do hope you do, for you. And, if it helps, give old Bill Callahan a listen while you're looking to remember the daylight.

—Also, I've cross-posted my work at VINYL IS IMAGES.

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